Integrated CA – CPT Coaching for School students of 11th and 12th Std.:

Why school students perform poor in their CA – CPT exams:

Based on our experience and discussions with various students and parents, we always felt that most of the students who are pursuing CA feels that course is difficult and tough to study because of which they are not able clear CPT exams.

The first and foremost reasons for the poor performance of students in exams are

Inadequate time to study for Common Proficiency Test on completion of 12th board exams.

The reason behind the same is that students write their 12th board exams during the month of March and CPT exams are held during the month of June. Students hardly haveonly 2 months preparation time for CPT exams.

Because of this time constraint, students are not in a position to put their best efforts for clearing CPT exams.

Another important factor which is affecting the students performance in exams is that students think CPT exams are similar to 11th and 12th std. exams.

Students are not able understand the differences between professional exams and regular board exams, because of which they to tend apply similar preparation methodologies for professional exams.

This leads to poor performance in CA exams, which consequently makes them to feel CA is very difficult.

How Virtus Academy can help you in this:

Virtus Academy is one of the top leading professional CA coaching centre in Chennai and Coimbatore.

Based on our expertise, we have developed an unique integrated course which will help the students to get a grip on CPT course and also their 11th and 12th School subjects.

Classes for the integrated course are going to be launched in Chennai (Tambaram) and Coimbatore.

Classes will commence from 2nd week of October 2016 for their June 2017 exam preparation.

Call us now to know more about the integrated course and how we can help your kid to be super successful.