Before we make an attempt to answer whether CA is a difficult course or not, let us first find out who posed that question to us. Some couple of weeks ago, we were addressing 11th and 12th (around 100) students of a well-known school about Chartered Accountancy course and benefits of choosing CA as their career plan. Many students who aspired to become CA raised questions like ‘whether CA is a difficult course’ or ‘why many students are not able to complete the entire course and thereby becoming dropouts or semi-qualified’.

In this article, we have made a sincere attempt to provide our views on the question posed to us. If we answer in negative (i.e. CA is not a difficult course), then many people will immediately respond that since we have completed CA, it is not difficult for us. Now, if we take liberty to ask you whether completing 10th/12th/under graduation was difficult, majority of responses would be NO (i.e. it was not difficult). Can we conclude that since you have completed, it is not difficult.

Every course/studies requires certain level of hard work, dedication and commitment. If we are able to put in the required level, then it will not be difficult for any one to complete. If not, it will continue to be a biggest challenge. To prove our points, we made quick googling to find out about exceptional people who have completed CA against all odds in life. When we look at the following real life heroes, who have completed CA after facing many obstacles/hurdles/challenges in life, the above point is proved beyond doubt. Hats off to them for their hard work, dedication, commitment and patience in succeeding as a CA. (We have used the real names of these heroes to prove that these are true instances)

  • 1. RajniGopal is India’s first visually impaired woman to complete CA;
  • 2. Shailesh who worked as an office boy in a private firm and completed CA;
  • 3. PallaviSachdeva from Delhi, completed her CA, ICWA and CS at the age of 23;
  • 4. PremaJayakumar, 24 year old daughter of auto-rickshaw driver secured First rank in CA Final;
  • 5. Kailash Narayan Purohit of Jodhpur, completed CA after 32 attempts over a period of 20 years;
  • 6. Tea stall owner’s daughter who could not pay her CA course fees, worked on her father’s stall and completed CA in Nov 2012;
  • 7. NehaBansali, Delhi who is confined to the wheel chair has completed CA;
  • 8. AjitShekhawat who was born with cerebral palsy completed CA;
  • 9. ChiragChauhan, a train blast victim who is confined to wheel chair has completed CA;
  • 10. Many people who have failed in their first attempt of CA exams, later they have secured a rank in CA exams and many more heroes who are not known to public.

Many of you will put counter argument that students who have not cleared CA are more than students who have cleared CA. Yes, we take your point absolutely. But, we would like to mention that those students, who could not clear CA because they did not give the required hard work /commitment /dedication which this course deserves.

Hope you remember the classic experiment of half glass of water. Don’t be pessimistic by thinking that glass is half empty, be optimistic by thinking glass is half full. In similar lines, look at the students who have completed CA after crossing so many hurdles/challenges in life. Take motivation from them and put in the required hard work /dedication /commitment and you can also taste the fruit of success very soon.

Note that we did not say that CA is an easy course, in our view it is not difficult course. “Harder your work, luckier you get in life”. Best of luck!!!.